Real Secrets Only Please

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Real Secrets Only Please

Postby bandit » Mon Sep 01, 2008 12:59 pm

Post awaiting approval:

Please leave any secrets hints or tips for people here

E.G. 's

How to force a certain machine into a multiple Jacky payout.

Holding down various buttons during the game to improve the prize feature.

Here's some.

If you have a number 1 on the first reel and a 1 on the second reel and it gives you a hold DO NOT hold them all for the bonus. Because the bonus might be a boost and give you nothing. Just hold the two 1's let the other reel spin if a number comes up great your on the board 3 in a row, if a number doesn't appear you still get the bonus.

Some machines like the 'deal or no deal' machines will now and again have a secret hold, when there is a number in view that has already been counted for and you could use it to get the bonus or get on the board and the trail is held just try and press the hold buttons even though they are not lit up you could be surprised. This is the same for most machines 3 holds and your in, don't wait for the machine to say hold again and flash up, just try it and again somtimes it wil hold.

Some machines like 'ant and dec piggy bank' you have to get 3 symbols in view to get on the board, say you have just completed the 2nd hold and it flashes hold again look at the payline 1st before you hold, the reel that spun might have matched say a red 7 already on the payline. So instead of holding the 2 reels with piggy bank hold the red 7's and watch the 3rd spin in.

The same approach can be done on 5 line machines, if you hold cherries twice and for the 3rd hold there is a better win hold the best win.
This will not work on all machines but try it and see which 1's it does.

The more tips people leave like this the better it is for all us fruity lovers

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Re: Real Secrets Only Please

Postby Dogbreath » Wed Aug 17, 2011 10:32 am

Post awaiting approval:

If you are offered 9 real blasts and a jackpot symbol is in view, take this feature for a guaranteed jackpot!

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